Monday, July 13, 2009


It seems I haven't felt such feelings for many a year,
for I cry not and laugh little at what it is you fear.
I succumb to brutality in all its forms, to the harshness of not caring.
For it hurts too much for your denial, of a thought of understanding.
It is too late to even try to change the world it seems,
I am just a sparkling of which they wish to gleam.
But if it be they cared, changed the course in which they pursue.
If only it was something I could possibly see in you.
For I taint the change that will not bare, the fruit of something good.
But there is a place and time for change, for all that is and should.
And be it I hear the voices calling thru the trees,
whispering sweet answers to all this worldly greed.
That beg surrender of man's necessity to make himself higher than thee.
For I can see tomorrow and many thoughts I do ponder,
bring me to my knees.
And I can see you laughing, no thought of after-guessing at what you'll be.
Ashes upon ashes of mortality, singed away for travesties.
Of past transgressions immorally.
That reacheth the heavens of the Gods.

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