Wednesday, July 8, 2009


I could tear out my being from this world,
and how many would notice?
I could lay my life on a scale,
and what would I have to show for it?
I don't have much but a mental state,
that is far from being perfect.
But I strive for what you would not understand,
and everything below the surface.
I tear away the shell of man,
and strip away his pride.
For what you have hidden beneath,
are years of welcomed lies.
For I will pound and pound and show,
the weakness in your soul.
That will match the rhythm of my beating,
of the pain in which I know.
For I will rise and rise and flow,
like the ebbing of my soul.
And bring forth secrets well hidden,
that you have yet to behold.
For I have stumbled along this,
this path darkened by time.
And there is no more wishing,
that I could be blind.
There is too much happening,
this hammering in my head.
And I can not get this out of me,
the screams of the dead.
Show me no more what I cant contain,
this beating, beating at my brain.
And slow the anger that is taking over,
and driving me insane.
For I am your judgment,
fate has made me so.
And I will watch you suffer,
as you claw at your hole.
And I will be there to bury you,
not a smile shall I wear.
For I am not wanting to do this,
you chose for me to put you there.

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