Wednesday, July 8, 2009

I Tore the World Away (From Me)

I sat gazing on the hill that led to nowhere,
I felt the world crack and break, and fall at my feet.
I watched the days replay that came to this one,
and I realized I had no reason to care that it was ending.

I saw my face in a broken mirror,
but the pieces fit quite nicely to the inner mind.
I sat all day reconstructing the pieces,
just to find the background was disgusting.

I tore the world away from and woke up from a dream,
just to realize the stars were falling.
I suffered the burns trying to put them back in the heavens,
but figured who would see their beauty?

All the angels with their eyes so pretty,
turned away so as not to see.
The words that use to have so much meaning,
came from the lips of the dead.

And all I can see is the stain,
from where the angels have turned to ashes.
And humans have walked in the footsteps,
erasing all that was sacred.

I tore the world away from me,
it's crumbled like a piece of discarded thoughts on paper.
I set it on fire and the world was no longer seen,
through the eyes of angels.

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