Wednesday, July 8, 2009

A Haunting

I'm watching you now (like I was before)
But I'm outside myself now (and it doesn't hurt so much.)
I've been dead for years, haunting things I held so dear.
But letting go was like coming home...

and seeing through my pain to the other side, of you.

I can forgive you but can you ask me to forget?
The days I lingered felt like purgatory,
and for my sins, I should have just forgiven myself.

But now I see you,
sitting there as if you were alone.
Like so many times you've done before,
and it doesn't phase me so much.
Because I've realized I was never there,
and I blamed myself.

For never being bright enough,
for you to see me.
But could it be the other way around?

You're just a figment of my misery.
I held on to you like you were my cross,
pounding those nails into my skin.
Repaying all my old debts.

And it's really you who's been dead,
sitting like others before.
Too gone to notice the life before you disappeared.
And you've been dead for years,
and I've laid you to rest.

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