Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Forget Him

With this rhyme I speak of time,
that shall mend my broken heart.
An' carry shall the winds these tears to send,
that beckons, forget him.
An' speak not of his gentle grace,
an' how I dearly wish not be replaced.
An' those soft kisses upon my face,
held tenderly by love's embrace.
An' still the winds do commend,
forget him.
Untie the memories of knotted things, left undone.
Wishes never granted an' still unsung.
He once heard thy melody of love,
now woe, I sing of sadness for he has gone.
An' travel fast sweet lark your voice I do send,
lost in your song, forget him.

An' spake the solitude to my discretion:
"Leave this madness behind, affection.
Tread these grounds of love no more.
For what you have left is broken an' torn.
Weep not another tear shall ye shed,
for t'is a love buried an' dead.
An' with that shall he bloom again,
to love another.
Forget him."

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