Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Cast Away

When born into chaos,
the stronger will takes it with ease.
And puts the stars and planets into focus,
and thou doest what thou please.
I am of equilibrium,
I have both good and bad.
And when the darkness brings itself together,
the light must shine even greater.
I have but a simple Will,
for the humans to their toil.
And proceed with caution.
For my love is only trampled on so often.
And time must take its toll,
you rotten as you grow old.
Your sins are running out of room,
time to make again, new.
Cut you down like wheat with a scythe,
bury your dead for they rise.
Diseased and impaled,
you get what you sell.
And take as a trophy,
your bloodline is insanity.
And does thou not grow weary,
of the repitition of the guilty?
I can only cleanse so much,
before all must be cast away.
And start again fresh,
with bones, blood, and clay.
And content shall I be,
till man realizes what he sees.
And stripes away all that is good,
till I have nothing more to give, to you.

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