Thursday, June 18, 2009

Evil In Me

It didn't always be this way;
I had a heart and a pulse,
in my own body.
But things have changed,
overnight it seems;
but I always remembered years of torment,
from this very thing!
I am something different,
then what I was to become.
I'm alone and helpless,
and a prisoner of one.
But I exist!
The pure and good soul;
but trapped and have no reason to fight,
at all.


I wish I could save you;
from all the pain,
in this world.
Hold on and never let go;
maybe save myself,
from all this too.
Drowning in this misery,
that is seeping out my eyes.
Tears trace the way;
from which they came,
and surely they'll pass again.
Only to hold you,
angels embrace.
With perfect arms,
from both of our pains.
Save me and I will save you.
Only if I could hold on to that.

Something Still There

I've tried to live a lie without you;
holding back emotions that make me sick,
to my stomach.
That tells me:
I still care for something, within you.
I've tried to let go, to not see your light.
The smile that brightens up the heart,
but turns mine to gray.
I know you're not love;
but inside my head, I have you.
Graved upon a stone;
buried, as if dead,
but not forgotten.